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Wellingborough District is in the centre of Northamptonshire and comprises 15 groups (6 within Wellingborough and 9 in the surrounding villages. (including 1 sea scouts and 1 air scouts).

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Most groups have Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts and Scouts and there are 6 Explorer Scout Units – most of which are attached to village Groups.

Our census figures have shown consistent growth over the last few years and we have somewhere just over 1000 people locally involved in scouts of which just under 900 are young people.

We held our 31st Gang Show (ended the theatre run on 23rd April) and are planning next years.

On 24th April we held our annual parade through the streets of Wellingborough to celebrate St Georges Day but with a break from tradition we paraded to the local theatre where a celebration of 100 years of cub scouts took place.

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