Essex International Jamboree 2016

Date: 19th Sep 2016 Author: Scout Websites
From looking after a pet coconut to getting covered in corn flour while attempting to make stress balls, my week at EIJ was eventful!

Saturday Morning…me and 7,000 other Scouts and Guides said goodbye to their families and friends and got in cars, buses and coaches to start their journey to Essex International Jamboree.

Arriving at camp was like arriving in a new world, a place which was different to anything I had ever seen before. No longer was it just a field in Chelmsford, but a city full of people – people that all had something in common: scouting. I didn’t know what to expect but whatever I was expecting wasn’t anything like the real thing!

Already I could see the array of cultures that were there, from Canadian to Portuguese (who I happened to make friends with and learn a little of their language while shooting some arrows in archery!).

The Opening Ceremony for a newbie like me was jaw dropping with flags waving and a rainbow of sub camps, all wearing their sub camp’s colours. There were dancers, golf carts and a LOT of people (around 10,000)

The vast range of Activities on offer gave me many experiences that anyone else could only dream of! With 10 fun filled activity zones there was barely time to sleep! Especially when we were visiting the ‘Soft Rock Café’ (the camp’s milkshake/smoothie bar) most of the time! MMMM OREOS!!

There was a zone for almost everything:

  • Up and Under- Climbing up high and burrowing low
  • On the box- everything TV related
  • Wet and Wild- Getting soaking wet (thanks mostly to the leaders)
  • Its a Knockout- Working as a team to complete activities to earn points
  • Technology in Motion- Technology that moves
  • Enterprise- Making, selling and buying sweets
  • Balancing act – Balancing and Circus skills
  • On target- Shooting, throwing and dodging
  • Island Survival – Surviving skills
  • Express Yourself- Expressing ourselves through Dance, Photography, Drumming, Journalism etc.

Although they were all enjoyable, my favourites had to be Balancing Act, Wet and Wild, It’s a Knockout and On Target.

After a long week of activities, the last day was upon us. The morning started off with us watching the ‘Frozen sing-a-long’ and everyone singing ‘Let it go’. In the afternoon, the whole camp sat in the Village Green to enjoy a picnic and watch the EIJ talent show. The show was then followed by all of the zones being open as well as ‘Wipeout’ Zone inflatables on the sports field.

In the evening, we had the Closing Ceremony. It was extremely good fun but at the same time it was emotional. There were DJ battles, acrobats and lots of singing!

And just like that, our time at EIJ was over.  Can’t wait for the next one!

4th Wellingborough Scouts

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls